How Microlearning can create big results for your company

How Microlearning can create big results
How Microlearning can create big results
How Microlearning can create big results for your company

According to the 2017 Training Industry Report from Training magazine, organizations plan to allocate $326,901 on corporate training. Unfortunately a lot of those dollars go to waste.

Companies throw away money on expensive, large scaled, training programs that are hard to update, take employees away from the office, and are easily forgotten. The typical spray-and-pray approach is often use by organizations with multi-million dollar budgets hoping to cover many employees and check off multiple learning initiatives.

For companies, big and small, that want to maximize opportunity and growth, microlearning gives you the best bang for your buck.

Target specific teams and tap workplace influencers

In an age where training is no longer limited to classroom and traditional eLearning, technology offers limitless targeting opportunities with microlearning apps that target specific goals, reduce training times, are convenient, and empower learners.

Classroom training on traditional eLearning campaigns are expensive, difficult to update, and are easily forgotten. They also take a lot of your employees’ time, an expense that is often forgotten. These days, employee training dollars are best spent on a well-defined microlearning campaign with a training app targeted to teams of employees, and encourage learners to engage with other learners on their team.

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Train where your employee’s are

Many companies take their employees away from the office for training, just so that they can remember 30 percent of what they learn. Instead take the time to create a microlearning campaign that delivers training directly to employee’s mobile phones, as a rate of one microlearning pop each day. Any microlearning app worth its salt also has the ability for employees to engage with the learning information and communicate with each other. You will be surprised when employees start using the app for train others.

This hyper-targeted approach to employee training will deliver huge results in the long run as your employee training costs are reduced and your training is flexible and current.

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