These Microlearning Statistics will Surprise You

Do you know that our country is losing $1.3 trillion every year on account of reduced productivity of employees? This loss in productivity is a direct result of shrinking attention spans of the workforce, making it harder for companies to teach and train employees. These are the reasons why the corporate world is so excited with the emergence of microlearning. Imagine the kind of monetary gains the corporate world can make by just implementing microlearning for training of its workforce.

Technology is moving at a ferocious pace

On the one hand companies are excited with the prospect of new technologies promising more profits and on the other hand they are facing the problem of training of their employees. Half life of technology has shrunk to just 2.5 years implying companies need to train employees frequently to absorb new technology. Traditional classroom training gives poor results and employees have a short attention span and less time. If you do not want your employees to become obsolete, it is imperative for you to start using the best microlearning app on iPhone to train them.

Save money, save your business

Inadequate skills to handle fast changing technology can cause wastage of up to 21% of the time of your employees. Losing nearly 1.5 hours of time per employee per shift can cost your business as much as $10000 per employee per annum. Can you afford to bear such huge losses and hand over the edge to your competitors? If not, then it is time to switch to microlearning.

Traditional classroom and eLearning training not giving results

There was a time when classroom training was the only method of imparting training to employees. Today most employees have a difficult time fitting classroom training into their schedule, and an even more challenging time remaining focused for a day-long training course. The results of classroom or traditional eLearning training programs are not encouraging. Only 20% of the content taught by trainers is retained by the employees after 3 days of training course. What is shocking is the fact that nearly 80% of what is learnt is forgotten by the employees after a gap of 6 months. On the other hand, results obtained through microlearning are terrific. More than 65% of the learning material is retained by the employees when the course content is divided into microlearning nuggets and delivered through microlearning apps like Trainingpop to employees.

Employees have shown great enthusiasm for this new method of learning. Now it is up to you to make the most of microlearning in your company. To date trainingpop is the best android app for microlearning.

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