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Articulate Storyline Training

Articulate Storyline

Learn Articulate Storyline and see how much easier it is to create interactive courses, for web and mobile.

Experience the simplicity, flexibility, and power of Storyline. You can publish your courses in multiple formats, including Flash, HTML5, and iOS for viewing on the iPad.

Six months of after-training support included as usual!

Two-day course: $1395.00 per participant


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Articulate Storyline: Two day course (Dates to suit you; One-on-one training):

  • Introduction
    • What is Storyline?
    • How Does Storyline 2 Compare toArticulate Studio?
    • How Does Storyline 2 Compare to Storyline 1?
    • Core Features
  • Getting oriented with the Storyline 2 Interface
    • Story View
    • Scenes
    • Slide View
    • Dockable Panels
  • Building a Slide
    • Importing Graphics
    • Creating Text Boxes
    • Adding Animation
  • Using the Storyline 2 Timeline
    • Set the Slide's Duration
    • Establish When an Object Appears and Disappears
    • Hide/Show an Object
    • Lock an Object So It Isn't Accidentally Moved
    • Arrange the Stacking Order of Objects on the Slide
    • Zoom In/Out on the Timeline
  • Previewing Your Work
  • Auto-Recovery
  • Customizing Your Project's Player Interface
    • Adding a Topic Menu
    • Activating Tabs: Glossary, Resources, and Custom Tabs
    • Activating Interface Controls: Volume, Search, Etc.
    • Setting Colors and Effects
    • Text Labels
    • Right-To-Left Languages
  • Using Slide Properties For Branching
  • Using Characters to Make Your Course More Engaging
  • Photographic Versus Illustrated Characters
  • Selecting a Character
  • Assigning an Expression to the Character
  • Assigning a Pose to the Character
  • Scaling, Cropping and Positioning
  • Adding a Text Balloon
  • Personalizing the Character's Dialog tothe User
  • Animating Objects Using Motion Paths
  • Animation Painter
  • Allowing the User to Enter Information Using the Data Entry Feature
  • Using Variables to Store and Display Information
  • Using Triggers to Trigger an Action or Event
  • Triggering an Animation
  • Restricting Progress Until a Condition is Met
  • Buttons
    • Creating and Editing Buttons
    • Working with Button States
  • Creating Interactive Sliders
  • Adding Markers Like Those in Articulate Engage's Labeled Graphic Interaction
  • Creating a Custom Menu
    • Adding Slide Layers
    • Copying/Pasting Layers
    • Using Variables and Triggers to Track and Indicate Progress
    • Creating New Variables
    • Creating Conditional Triggers
    • Duplicating Triggers
  • Inserting Video and Flash Files
  • Adding Instructional Dialog
  • Adding Audio
  • Recording Narration
  • Editing Audio
  • Exporting Audio
  • Syncing Displays With Audio Using Cue Points
    • Providing a Narrative Transcript Using the Notes Panel
  • Creating a Lightbox Effect
  • Using Storyline's Accessibility Features to Make Your Project Section 508 Compliant
    • Establishing Tab order
    • Adding Alt Text
    • Hiding Objects From the Accessibility Features
  • Creating a Screen Recording
    • Importing As a Video
    • Importing As Step-By-Step View Mode
    • Importing As Step-By-Step Try Mode
    • Importing As Step-By-Step Test Mode
  • Quizzing
    • Creating Intermittent Review Questions Using the Freeform Question Feature
    • Selecting a Question Format
    • Entering the Question, Answer Choices and Feedback
    • Using Question Banks
    • Creating a Results Slide
    • Reporting Accumulated Results of Multiple Quizzes Within a Course
    • Importing Questions From Excel
  • Importing Content
    • PowerPoint and Articulate Presenter Files
    • QuizMaker Quizzes
    • Engage Interactions
    • Another Storyline File
  • Publishing Your Project
    • For the Web in Flash Format
    • For HTML5
    • For Mobile Devices
    • For Deployment on an LMS
    • To Microsoft Word Format
  • Conclusion

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